Welcome to The Lost Girls Project

Hi, my name is Emily, and I'm a diagnosed overachiever (note the blazer). I freely admit that I've gotten this way by beating myself up and pushing myself harder than is reasonable (or healthy) -- not my finest quality, but at the end of the day, it's me.

The Lost Girls Project started as a conversation about feeling…well…lost—a conversation about what happens when my very narrowly defined identity (overachiever) gets challenged, and who I am when I’m not that one thing anymore. So I recruited five other (amazing) women writers who were running up against the same thing. The moments in life that make each of us feel lost are different--conflicts in dating, family, career, education, you name it—but a desire to tell stories unites us. And if those stories make other women feel a little less alone, well, then we’ve done our job right. 

Why “Girls”? The Lost Boys have been safely wandering the planet since the days of Peter Pan (that’s over a century) while the females of the species have been compelled to grow up quickly. I thought it was about fucking time that the girls get to celebrate (not feel ashamed of) being lost as well.