Kendra Augustin is an actress/writer/student of comedy/theatremaker and lover of emo-dancey-bubblegum-homicidal girl pop.


Emily Comisar once tried to start a blog called "Cooking Messy" in which she wrote about all the ways she made ugly-looking but delicious-tasting food. This lasted all of a week. Now she writes about control issues and learning to let go.

Meghan Gaur has never written a blog before, but if her middle school journals are any indication, she'll tackle her current 30-something year-old hopes, dreams, and fears with sparkly stickers, 'NSYNC lyrics, and "would you rather" hypothetical questions. All while figuring out what it means to have it all.


Sadie Headshot.JPG

Sadie Portman can bake like there's no tomorrow and then list off her favorite Congressmen. A Navy brat at heart, she has made her way in and out of the journalism world and even once wrote a fake new comedy blog. Taking life as her passion, she is open to a world of possibilities.


Jacqui Rêgo can play ten chords on the guitar and belt mostly on key. If you told her eleven year old self this—she'd promptly pee her pants. She's a Brazilian born actor/writer/spoken word poet and if asked to throw down, weapons of choice include quoting Rumi and vodka-inspired dance-offs. She believes in wild hearts, integrity, and cowgirl boots.


Nilsa Reyna, an Actor/Writer/Director, wants to start her Tumblr "Space Princa," which is really just reposts from her social media accounts. She's also exploring content creation for virtual reality and 360 video.